Zobrazují se příspěvky z října 6, 2013

Historical news - a Czech experiment with longevity Wikinews material

The historical news concept on Czech Wikinews was and maybe it still is an attempt how to extend the Wikinews scale. The Wikinews with historical news were meant to be more then just a current affairs web, although this task should have remain the main goal of the Wikinews, but they should also serve as an archive of the news of the past.
This blog is about the project of Czech Wikinews historical news, what they meant to be, where they are and what happened to them.
You can read the blog all or - if it is too long for you - the conclusion is there for you at the end.

Characteristics of current Wikinews One of the main features of the Wikinews is their not-so-wikiness and a short lifespan of their articles. It all relates to the very nature of the news - they have to be published very fast, they are supposed to be quite short and they are usually less attractive as they become older. All that contributes to the fact that the Wikinews articles are usually written by just one writer, pro…